Be the Rainbow

Be the Rainbow is a nonprofit organization providing engaging social and educational opportunities for LGBTQIA+ families and our allies in Brevard County, FL.

 Be the Rainbow aims to create change where we live by providing a safe place, creative events, and in the future, a physical space for our LGBTQIA+ community and allies in Brevard County, FL.

Save the Date:

The 4th annual Be the Rainbow event
Saturday, June 8, 2024
Myrt Tharpe Square in historic Cocoa Village


Why we’re here

Social and educational opportunities for LGBTQIA+ families and allies are fundamental in fostering a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive society. Our events and future initiatives create safe havens where LGBTQIA+ individuals and their loved ones can come together, share stories, and find solidarity in their journeys.

In a world where acceptance isn’t always guaranteed, the Be the Rainbow events and created spaces offer warmth and understanding, affirming the beauty of each person’s unique identity.

In challenging times, it’s crucial to uphold diverse, safe spaces as beacons of hope and joy, ensuring that everyone feels valued and cherished.

LGBTQIA+ ally support is vital because it signifies love, acceptance, and the unwavering commitment to stand alongside our friends and family members, ensuring they feel seen, heard, and valued for exactly who they are. Allies are important members of our community.

Embracing and supporting LGBTQIA+ individuals and families for who they are not only enriches our communities but also brings immense benefits to the individuals themselves. When people are accepted and celebrated for their true selves, they experience a profound sense of belonging and self-worth.

Acceptance fosters mental and emotional well-being, strengthens family bonds, and empowers individuals to pursue their passions and dreams with confidence. People can, in other words, Be the Rainbow!

We need your help to create, maintain, and expand events and experiences that support LGBTQIA+ families and our allies.

You can help us create events and spaces that will serve as beacons of hope and joy.

Please support us today.